WLtoys Q696 – E RC Quadcopter Review:

(In depth review of features and specifications)

Drones have taken over many aspects of human life. From door delivery to aerial photography, everything can be simplified and done better than a human can do. What started out as toy has now become a device to satisfy hobbies and personal desires. Hence it is no wonder that many companies have started to come out with their own brand of drones and quadcopters. One such manufacturer that churns out quality drones is WLtoys.

WLtoys Q696 - E RC Quadcopter Review

WLtoys is an electronic toys manufacturing company that is based in Netherlands. Although it is based there, its services are available in almost all parts of Europe. The company is into manufacturing electronic toys like quadcopters, helicopters, cars, boats, airplanes along with all the necessary spare parts. Not only are the toys easily available but also the spare parts. The company offers high-quality service and has a lot of technical experts on board who help in rolling out quality products.

WLtoys Q696 – E is a 4 channel, Mode 2, remote controlled, Ready To Fly quadcopter belonging to the family Q696. All variants in the family have the same body design but have differences in their features. WLtoys Q696 E is the most advanced drone in the family. In this article, let us devour the specifications and features of the drone.


Design review of WLtoys Q696 RC Quadcopter

WLtoys are known for their innovative design and good quality devices. All the products have an innovative design and premium look which is the same case with WLtoys Q696 E RC quadcopter. The Q696 E has a good look and nice finish. It is available in two colours –white and black. The drone measures 50.00 x 50.00 x 15.50 cm or 19.69 x 19.69 x 6.1 inches (L x W x H) and weighs around 0.455 kg which means it is not so heavy.

Check Price of WL toys Q696-E

Similarly, it is neither too small nor too big and is perfect for intermediate level pilots. It has four channels supporting Mode 2. The body is an optimum mix of metal as well as plastic which gives it a shiny yet professional appearance. Overall, the design aspect is very likeable and lovable.

Usage (flight modes):

WLtoys Q696 E has several features that make in one of the best at its price points. Apart from conventional features that are available in all drones, the drone has some good features that are explained below.

  • Air Press Altitude Hold:

The drone comes with a built-in high precision barometer and flight stabilisation system which provides the drone with the capacity to stay at the same height while in the air. The 6 axis Gyro works perfectly fine and is able to balance the drone without causing much vibration. This aids in taking pictures without shakes and blurs.

  • Headless mode:

Headless mode

A lot of times people have a problem in flying the drones particularly due to the problem of identifying the head of the drone when it is flying. But with WLtoys Q696 E, it is not a problem as the drone can be operated in Headless mode. With the press of a dedicated button in the joystick, the drone can be steered in headless mode and the direction of flight can be controlled easily.

  • Return to Home function:

Return to Home function

WLtoys Q696 E is very easy to fly and can be made to return to the pilot with just the push of a button. The One Key Return button available on the controller can be pressed to bring the drone back to safety which ensures that the drone does not get lost.

Camera and WiFi FPV:

Camera review of WLtoys Q696
2 MP Photos with 720p FPV Display

Did you know that the aerial view of Los Angeles shown in the movie Man of Steel was captured with a drone? It shows that the functionality of a drone gets a boost if it has a camera in it. And don’t worry! WLtoys Q696 E has a dedicated camera that comes built-in with the drone. The 2 MP camera is supported by a 2-axis gimbal with which the camera can be moved at right angles to its original position. With the 2 MP camera, clear pictures can be taken.

Dual Way 2.4 GHz Radio Control
Dual Way 2.4 GHz Radio Control

Another feature of WLtoys Q696 E is its WiFi FPV. The drone can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone over a WiFi network and the first person view of the drone can be shot by the camera and streamed to the smartphone. The videos are 720P HD which guarantees a good visual experience. The range of the WiFi is about 50-70m.

Battery and flight time:

The drone comes with a battery of 7.4V and  2600mAh battery capacity. The high-capacity Lithium-Polonium battery takes around 200 minutes to charge which is a bit on the higher side. But the good battery allows the drone to fly for up to 13 minutes on a single charge which is 5-7 minutes more than regular drones.

The 2.4 GHz wireless remote control can remain connected with the drone up to a distance of 100-150m. It is powered by 4 x 1.5V AA batteries that are not included in the package. The AA batteries can be recharged if there is any voltage drop.

Additional features:

  • Ready To Fly: The drone can be lifted in the air straight out of the box by just popping in the batteries. There is no need for elaborate assembly of the drone parts to fly it.
  • Three-dimensional stunts: The WLtoys Q696 E can not only stay straight up in the air but it can also perform cool stunts, 3D rollovers and flips. Also, it can fly sideward which is something not all drones can do.
  • One key Take off and landing: WLtoys Q696 E can be raised in the air by pressing just a button and can be made to land on the ground by pressing the same button. This makes it very easy to control.

Bottom line:

Given all the specifications and the features, WLtoys Q696 E is a pretty good drone whose quality is on par with professional drones. However, it costs $104.75 which is quite high because there are several other drones that are available cheaply. But the drone’s quality and the easy availability of spare parts makes it a good buy for anyone looking to buy a good drone.

Is this Quadcopter available for worldwide users?

Yes, this Quad is available for worldwide users. You can buy this quadcopter from given link.

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