UDI is known for their RC Toys, especially RC Quadcopter. UDI’Wing U-29 is another drone from the Company. U-29 is a foldable Drone Equipped with brilliant HD camera and built in altitude hold function to meet your requirement. The device is designed in such a way that it would help to save the space and is also portable therefore there would be no hassle to carry the device from one place to another place.

Review of Features of UDIWing-D/U29


Altitude Hold

Altitude hold mode means flying the drone at an individual altitude and adopts barometer to understand this function. Under this mode, you can make the drone flying in the default height and hover, which would become easier to shoot the image from different angles and thus gives an easy chance to control for the beginners.

Aerial Photography        

The device meets the feature of Aerial Photography and thus seems to captivate the attention of the gadget lover and enjoy the quality of the camera. Moving ahead to its picture quality, Intex’s offering might not make an impression on those who are already used to products from eminent manufacturers

Low battery alarm, grasp flight status.

Low battery alarm

When the charging status of the battery is low, transmitter will provide the sound which is recognized as alarm that would give instruction to fly the drone back as soon as possible. This would help to understand the status of the drone battery and help to detect the maximum flight distance and flight time of the drone.

Hardware and Performance

The day to day functionality and performance of the device is quite remarkable through the benchmarks below reflecting that UDIWING U-29 can hold its own against other device that might lack to offer the quality camera altitude.

Out of range alarm, no more lose contact.

Out of range alarm

When the drone is going to surpass the drone range, then the transmitter will resonance beep didi…didi…didi…to alarm, there is a need to fly back the drone in controllable area, or else the drone will be out of power and lost.

Headless Mode

Headless Mode

While flying the drone under the headless mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. There is a single button that would be so easy for the people as single button would be used for taking off the flight, landing the device along with that while there is an emergency landing the same button is used. In the emergency landing , it will stop the movement and bring the drone back to the ground for utmost security and thus restrict any obstacle that might harm the device.


The design of the product is such effective that it would be easy for the individual to carry the device while moving from one place to another place. This is the feature that would add a charm to the pro of the device and thus it integrates a large number of customers toward them. It can be folded and then you can easily carry it with yourself.

Pros and Cons of UDI’Wing-D/U29 Foldable Drone

What you will love ?

  • Portable Design of the product
  • Alarm system
  • Ultimate Basic Device
  • Remarkable performance


  • Price
  • Battery Backup
Final Verdict
UDIWING D/U29 is the drone that is fascinating the large number of people for purchasing it. According to me it is a good option as it offer various features and functionality. The portability of the device seems to be the main pro of the U-29 while the price is the factor that might be a obstacle in the success selling of the product. I will rate the product 4.7 star.

Taken as the complete package the UDIWING -D U29 really does take some beating with respect to its price. The Aerial Photography technology seems to be captivating the attention of the majority customers. It is the great budget powerhouse choice excelling when we are looking at Cost Vs Performance. The price of the device is USD 59.99.


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