As we all had been seeing for many years, the technology is always flying and gifting us something unexpected every moment. One of the most beautiful and unbelievable donations from this tech world to humans are currently drones. Well, we all are aware of the flying devices which have a camera and other amazing features installed in it.

However, what we are not familiar with, is that these drones can also be easy to carry and store as many of them as there are also foldable and cheap drones available in the market. Moreover, yes, that is right, and you will have to get over the myth, that drones are devices with substantial weight and are tough to handle because they can be highly compact and easily foldable for better and convenient storing facility.

When we talk about drones, the biggest myth is that each every drone is expensive and one needs to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire a drone. That was true few years back but, not anymore as you can see this only when you operate one yourself.

So, let’s break this myth and find out the best drones that are both affordable and foldable at the same time. This article will feature some of the best cheap foldable drones available in the market, and we have discovered them to make you the tech guru you want to be. Okay, so let me show you the few excellent foldable quadcopter under $50:

Best 5 Cheap Foldable Drones Under $50

1. Eachine E50 / Eachine E50S

Eachine E50 / Eachine E50S Drone

This is a highly affordable as well as foldable drone present in the market named as ”Eachine E50, ” and it also has a pink version- Eachine E50S. This drone is the first preference of many households due to its size and price, which is attractive as well as convenient to store. The drone has been loaded with numerous other features too.

Camera Resolutions: This drone has 720p High definition built in camera, which is capable of streaming live videos with its built-in WiFi and fly like a pro.

Price: The E50 and E50S are highly affordable, as they can be easily bought at $40-44 from the market.

Battery life: They provide an excellent battery of 3.7V with 500mAh power that gives the E50 a flying time of 8 to 15 minutes easily.

Ultra Features: The drone also has a feature called as the Altitude Hold Mode which helps in flying it with a smartphone.

2. JJRC H37

JJRC H37 Foldable drone

The next drone on our list is the “JJRC H37.” This drone has almost the same features as the above-given drone, but it is more affordable than E50. The H37 has a 3D flying mode with three different speeds and a perfect smartphone remote control system. If you have a dream to own a drone, then JJRC H37 can fulfill it very well.

Camera: The drone has high definition camera with a 480p resolution to capture high-quality pictures.

Price: The device is affordable as it is available under $35-39 on the market.

Battery life: The battery of the H37 is equal at 500 mAh that allows it to fly for at least 10 minutes regularly.

Feature: The device has the same characteristic, as the E50S called the Altitude Hold Mode which helps in operating it with any smartphone.

3. Skytech TK110HW

Skytech TK110HW

The third foldable and affordable drone in our list is the “Skytech TK110HW”. This drone is highly compact and loaded with different features. It has G -sensor to control it with a smartphone. This means if you tilt your screen to the left the drone will automatically move to the left fantastic right!

Camera: This drone comes with a camera of 0.3MP with built in feature and can record/stream 720p videos without a sweat, which is remarkable at this price.

Folding Skytech TK110HW

Price: You can easily buy this drone at $60 from any leading store or online.

Battery life: The installed battery is a 3.7V 850mAh battery can give it a flight time of around 7 minutes.

Features: The devices has numerous features such as wireless controlling, etc. It also features three different flying modes- Altitude Hold Mode, Hand Launching Mode, and Flight Path


SONGYANG SY-X33 foldable quadcopter

Slightly long, but still foldable drone with affordable price standing on the number 4th rank on our list the SONGYANG SY-X33 looks bigger, but you can easily carry it in your handbag. It easy to carry and has the following specs.

Camera: The SONGYANG SY-X33 features a camera of 0.3MP WiFi FPV camera which gives it the video streaming option.

Price: You can be a proud owner of this baby by paying just $60. Very affordable I know!

Power & Battery life: The SY-X33 is packed with a 2.4GHz clocking remote controller for a stable and fixated flying experience. It also features a 3.7V 750mAh battery which gives it a flight time of 6 to 10 minutes.

Feature: This drone is packed with power and has features like Altitude Hold Mode and WiFi FPV that too at a very reasonable rate.

5. Heliway 901HS

Heliway 901HS

The Heliwat 901HS is a durable drone that can be easily used for both inside and outside usage for providing the user a flawless experience. This drone highly fits our criteria, being both cheap and foldable.

Camera: 0.3MP CMOS camera, with video recording, wide angle lens. WiFi FPV downlink supports Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 smartphones or tablets.

Price: you can own this device at $35 only.

Battery life: It is a great drone with the multi-control system and a battery that can live for at least 10 minutes of airtime.

Features- It is a WiFi FPV supported, a foldable mini-drone quadcopter with the headless mode, return to home function, three-speed modes, and also LED lights.

Final Verdict

So my techno savvy friends, these were the five best cheap and foldable drones available in the market, which you can easily buy online. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours.


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