Do you want to surprise your kid with a drone that is best for 6 year olds? Are you looking for the perfect drone to give a child to play with? In that case, you have made the wisest decision by coming here. This article will list the top 10 best kid friendly drones for 6 year olds and kids of all ages.

Top 10 best kid friendly drones

If you are wondering why to gift a toy drone, find out some compelling reasons for that. Drones are fun. Everyone would like to own a drone and show-off their pilot skills. Already drones have created a revolution and drones are being employed for everything and anything. They are exciting to use that adults and youth alike are embracing the drone revolution with delight. When even adults go crazy over drones, it is only natural that kids love drones too.

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Kids, these days, are smarter than their previous generations and can make sense even out of something as small as drones. Since kids like drones, they can even be gifted with a drone during special occasions. After all, those smiles on their faces are worth everything in this world. Hence buying a child a drone to play with is a good idea. Another reason to get a toy drone is that drones are in vogue! So gifting a toy drone will make your child cool and keep the child engaged.

Now that you have decided to get a toy drone, here is what you need to know before getting one. The two things that are important to watch for while a drone that is best for 6 year olds are durability and ease of flying, control. Since kids may crash the drones more frequently than adults, it is important to look for drones that are robust so as to not burn a hole in your pocket.

Top 10 Best Quadcopter for Kids

Syma X5C Explorer

Syma X5C Explorer

It is a drone that is suitable for almost everyone. Particularly, it is suitable for kids over fourteen years old. It has several features that will excite kids. The drone has a solid build and comes with propeller guards which will protect the drone from any hard landing. Even if it is damaged, there is no need to worry as Syma makes all drone replacements available at cheap prices. The 720p HD camera means that kids will have absolute fun flying the drone. It has 6-axis gyro stabilisation which makes it easy to fly for beginners. And it is budget friendly.

Cheerson CX10 Mini

Cheerson CX10 Mini Quadcopter

This drone is only the size of a cookie but don’t let the small size fool you. It can perform stunts like flips and turn which kids will enjoy. The ready-to-fly quadcopter is perfect for flying indoors as it is very small. It also comes with 6-axis gyro stabilisation which makes flying easy. The remote control is also small and will fit snugly into the small hands of kids. The sensitivity of the remote can be adjusted among three levels according to the skill level of the pilot. The best part is that it comes in bright colours which will appeal to the kids while its cost will appeal to the parents!

Hubsan X4 HH107C

Hubsan X4 HH107C Quadcopter

This drone can be flown straight out of the box by just putting in the batteries. Designed with 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity, it is the perfect drone for a beginner. Children as young as 14 years can play with it and perform several cool stunts like flips. The drone even comes with a 0.3 MP video camera that can record videos in a memory card. Although the camera is not over the top, kids will enjoy it.


UDI U818A Drone

Be it indoors or outdoors, UDI U818A can fly very well with stability because of its flight stabilisation systems. The look of the drone itself is quite captivating and children are sure to love it. It can be operated in Headless Mode which will make it easier for children if directions become confusing and can perform aerial stunts with just the push of a button. And the awesomeness does not end there! It has LEDs and camera which make flying a lot of fun.

Holystone HS170 Mini

Holystone HS170 Mini Drone for Kid

Measuring just 5 x 5 x 1.5 inches, HS170 Mini is really small but that does not prevent it from performing exceptional aerial stunts. Its powerful motor helps the drone in performing well outdoors in spite of wind resistance. Although it does have a camera, it is very well suited for kids and beginners as the drone is easy to fly ad comes with adjustable sensitivity.

GoolRC Mini

GoolRC Mini Quadcopter

Everything that a kid needs in a drone is available in this drone. The drone is very small and can be carried in the pocket! It can perform three-dimensional flips and that too with a dedicated key. The 360? eversion function allows for a cool playtime. The headless mode renders useless the need to identify the head of the drone. Overall, it guarantees easy control.

Eachine E010 Mini UFO

Eachine E010 Mini UFO

Available in eye-catching colours, E010 Mini can reach the pilot when a key is pushed.  It can operate in compass mode and can perform complex 360? stunts while flying cutely.

Syma X9

syma x9 quadcopter

It is a 2-in-1 toy that can ride on the ground as well as fly in the air. Syma X9 can perform stunts in the air and fly rapidly. It is the perfect gift for any kid who wants both a drone and a car.


AKASO K88 Drone

Although the manufacturer is not a big player, this drone has it all. Its impact resistant body can absorb shocks and stay tight without any damage. It can fly, perform stunts, record videos and do just about anything.

Top Race Dragon

Top Race Dragon

It can run fly in 3 speeds, return to the pilot in a single key press and fly in headless mode. The best thing about this drone is its design. The propellers are all protected on all sides by guard rings which ensure safety for children.

So, that is our list of top 10 kid friendly drones! Gift a child a drone and take off on a drone journey.


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