Drones have become more popular in the recent years and their application is increasing rapidly across various fields. Thanks to the drones, you can capture all those golden moments you will be spending with your near and dear. You can shoot extraordinary pictures and make funny videos. The activities that you can do with this gadget are endless.


You need not be technically sound for using this gadget. The quadcopter is for everyone – from kids to adults. The key challenge you face is to find a gadget which gives you the best quality for your budget. When searching for a quadcopter, ensure you are buying the best video camera that can ensure quality images as well as superior resolution. You have more choices now with the wide range of models, different price points, an array of features.

When looking at various drones everyone has different needs and expectations for preferring one over the other. So just remember that Unless you have the necessary knowledge, taking a right purchasing decision is not possible.

Generally speaking, small and light quads are used in outdoors. However, the microdrones can be flown within a house. Normally, windless and warm days are the ideal times to fly drones.
Low priced drones can fly for about 5 to 10 minutes and after that battery has to be charged. Always remember to keep spare batteries and some spare parts.


Brushless motors: If you spend a little bit more you can buy a drone with brushless motors. These are quicker, stable and durable than the motors on the most basic drones.
Camera quality: The standards vary from the primitive VGA up to the ultimate 4K. In the case of expensive models, you get a gimbal In such drones, the camera will be steady while the drone is on the move and allows you to get awesome video and superb photos despite quick movements or in a windy climate.

Direct recording:  If you want to get smoothest footage,  buy a drone that feeds straight to an onboard memory card, instead of transmitting the video back to your phone.
Flight time: Simply put, the time a drone can stay aloft is called flight time. Under favourable weather conditions, your drone should be able to fly at least 10 – 15 minutes, till the battery dies. After each flight a minimum break of 10 – 15 minutes is mandatory. This is required because, the various components of the drone become hot and they need to cool down, before the next flight.

GPS stabilisation: This would be needed, if you wish to shoot video hover the drone in one spot without using the controls.

FPV (First-person view): Not all the drones can transmit back a live video feed either to your remote control or phone.FPV allows you to fly much higher and further than you can from the looking at the aircraft from the ground.

Protection and maintenance: Check if there is any feature available to protect your drone against crashes. Have a rough idea about spare parts cost and their availability.
Flight  Range: Predominantly drones can fly up to 100-150 meters. Only a few advanced ones can go beyond this distance.

Ready-to-fly (RTF): This drone is ready to fly out of the box, no need to assemble. So ideal for beginners. You don’t need to purchase any additional accessory to be able to fly the drone once you do take the plunge and make the purchase.

Return-to-home (RTH): Sometimes drones get out of our sight and causes anxious moments to us. This is a safety feature that enables the drone to fly back independently to the take off point.

Headless mode: This is a nice feature for beginners.In this mode, the drone will always travel forward, backwards, left or right when moving your remote’s stick in those directions, irrespective of the orientation of the front of the drone.

Follow me: This feature allows a drone to automatically follow an object, typically using a GPS signal from a mobile device. allows for a bit more freedom in the creative realm.So the pilot need not bother  about the navigation of the drone. The object being followed could be a person, athlete or a biker.


Now It’s time to find out what are the best drone with camera under $200 which you can buy.


This an awesome basic model that could provide you a thrill, reliable flight experience at a pocket-friendly price, when compared to models with similar features. On top of it needs a short time to charge the battery.


Though the drone lacks a camera of its own, it has a mount that supports GoPro cameras as well as other action cameras. The MJX BUGS is one of the Best Selfie Drones available into the market. The MJX BUGS 3 shares a lot of common features with the Hubsan H502S. However, commands a  battery life of around 14 to 16 minutes and a maximum flight range of 350 metres

If you are specifically scouting for an outdoor-friendly drone, two things are very crucial: a sturdy and durable engine that can deal wind speed and a long flight range. Considering this criterion, the MJX Bugs 3 is the clear winner in the outdoor category.

One mind-blowing fact about the MJX Bugs 3 is its remarkable range. In their advertisements, the company talks about a flight range of 300-500 meters. That is adequate for a quadcopter in this category.

One other cool thing: the MJX Bugs 3 also has bright LED lights on the bottom, so you can still see it while flying at night. Camera mount fits snugly and is hard to remove, however this enables stability. Dual-purpose (sport flier and aerial photography). Superb flight quality for video recording or adventure flying. Transmitter telemetry beeps – low battery or flying out of range.

Simply put, the MJX RC Bugs 3 is an excellent choice for those scouting for an affordable GoPro drone which can virtually carry any kind of action camera right out of the box. It is one of the inexpensive and most capable considering its features.

Pros Cons
  • Highly affordable for a brushless drone
  • Good flight performance and stability
  • Various accessories available
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • A camera mount that fits GoPro or any other action camera.
  • Gives value for money
  • Superior-quality built
  • Fixed gimbal Aesthetics not so nice Limited flight modes and features

2. Hubsan H502S

It is not possible to make a top 10 drones list without listing some Hubsan model. They launch new products occasionally, but they have done it quite competently. Latest models of Huban intended for different groups of customers.

Hubsan H502S QuadcopterIt suits both beginners and experienced flyers looking for a small but still features rich drone. A good instance of this expertise is the new Hubsan H502S. This model is the successor of their very popular H501S model.

Hubsan H502S should not be considered as an upgrade of  H501S model, instead you can view it as a cheaper model of that amazing feature rich drone. It is a lightweight drone, which is really astonishing. Frame quality is great like  H501S.

You will be fascinated  by its stability and accuracy of follow me mode. Basically, it’s truncated version of H501S drone. Price has been drastically decreased but some advanced features are still retained.

This drone comes with some nice features that used to be reserved for expensive drones only. Some of those features include follow me mode, altitude hold, low battery protection, GPS etc. One of the first affordable drones to feature brushless motors. Due to this, the motors are much more powerful and durable.

Another spectacular thing is their modular design – It is very simple to replace motors, propellers and transmitters if they fail.



  • This an inexpensive drone with follow me mode.
  • Good value for money
  • Equipped with useful features such like Return to home, signal loss protection and altitude hold.
  • Flight range of 200 meters is  fantastic.
  • Has a mediocre flight time of around 12 minutes.


3. Parrot AR 2.0

This is an extremely popular model. That is not only due to its unbelievable low-price point but also due to its super solid performance. It occupies an intermediate position between toy and enthusiast device. It is neither a remote-controlled helicopter for hobbyists nor a quadcopter camera mounts for professionals. However, it is something beyond a toy helicopter.

This camera-equipped drone is really a good buy if you want to spend money on an adventure gadget but not keen on the latest model.Piloting is easy from a smartphone or tablet.

Another nice thing there is an active community for this drone, which offers loads of mods as well as online tutorials. The tutorials could be for increasing range and also for increasing flight time.

You get a distinct design with a frame that can be fit with two categories of hulls for both indoor as well as outdoor flying. These hulls reside over a lightweight body that boasts of strong composite struts and four brushless motors.

As far as specifications are concerned , Parrot AR 2.0 is not very extraordinary , you get  around 50 meters of  flight range. The reason is it depends on continuous  WIFI signal which is often inconsistent. This problem is more prominent in urban areas due to the high presence of WIFI signals, which can end up intruding with one another.

Besides, the battery life is not up to the mark.

Also, it is perceived as a nice model for kids that could enable them to explore the incredible world of flying toys. They offer a total package which is kids-friendly with big and strong propeller guards that span across the entire frame. This clearly suggests that safety is a priority area for the Parrot design team.

It is a real good deal if you have a Nvidia Shield tablet, which enables you to fly it with conventional controls rather than a touchscreen.



  • Moderately easy to fly and perform stunts with.
  • Camera feature  is nice
  • Mobile apps are very useful
  • It boasts of a 720p camera for FPV and aerial footage recordings.
  • Short  battery life like other  remote-controlled flying toys
  • Requires a smartphone or tablet to control it.
  • Physical controls are only available with a Nvidia Shield tablet

4. JJRC H26D

Once again, another great product from JJRC. This time they have turned their attention to amateur videography and photography. H26D is one of the first low-cost drones to incorporate a 3MP camera. This is ideal for beginners as well as experienced pilots. Surely, you will outsmart other drone operators when capturing awesome footage.

FPV is used through WiFi, you need to use an  Android/iOS smartphone, to enable FPV on the JJRC H26D quadcopter drone.You get a Headless Mode for operator friendly orientation and One-Key Return.


This quadcopter offers a 3 mp camera and combines that with an FPV system. Other features of the JJRC H26D FPV drone include a 2-axis gimbal, a 1200mAh 7.4V battery. Besides, you get a controllable camera tilt, The features are fair, considering its price of <  $100.

H26D is now one of the best  low-budget Toy quadcopters available in the market.It is very easy to use,  comes with a decent payload. On top of it, it boasts of a 3MP camera, which is unusual among similar budget drones.

It offers a Gimbal with 2 axes and it can turns in four directions.If you are looking a large quadcopter aimed for both high range and good camera quality at a pocket-friendly price, then H26D could be one of the best options.

If you are specific about videography and photography with a good controlling range, then H26D is a good buy.

Pros Cons
  • Commands a fantastic range of 300 meters You may not get a drone of the similar budget with such a superior range.
  • Can resist most frequent crashes, thanks to ABS plastic protective body and a sturdy landing gear which will neither bend nor break easily
  • The camera comes with a good quality glass wide lens.
  • Battery life is just  6 to 7 minutes.

5. WL Toys V666

This is a nice quadcopter for beginners and accommodates all the necessary things for a flight. Quadcopter V666 is large and sturdy.The large frame of this quadcopter ensures superior stability during the flights. As well, large size quadcopter requires more power. The WLtoys V333 boasts of adequate power to do flips and also 360° degrees stunts.

WL toys V666 Drone

You get a comprehensive FPV Set which includes HD camera, antennas, FPV screen, USB charger, USB and memory card. Using these gadgets you can fly your quadcopter like as if you are inside it!

This drone is equipped with small under legs to protect the HD camera when landing. As well the drone has a foam plastic protecting ring to avoid breakage of the blades and insulates the motors from shocks.

You good value for money, because the price is $200 only. Spare parts are also easily available and are not very costly.The spare parts provided for this model includes a USB charger and extra rotors.

Footage from the 720p camera is average considering the price, but you cannot call it high definition. It is more similar to a low-resolution CCTV footage, and colors are feeble.

The most thrilling feature is the support for a missile launcher which you can get separately. Also, comes with a water cannon and other options like hook &  basket and bubble blower.



  • Boasts of a 720 HD camera with vibration absorber.
  • Availability of  FPV 5.8G real time image transmission.
  • Large, lightweight and durable body
  • Comprehensive remote control with built-in 6 axis gyro system.
  • Owns a Switchable transmitter option to switch between mode 1 and 2.
  • LED lights.
  • The  brushed motors are not very durable.
  • They need to be cleaned after every flight
  • The battery lasts for around 8 minutes and takes an hour for recharging.

6. Holy Stone X300c Pros

This is a remarkable superior quality product from  Holy Stone. Besides its good-looking design, features some first-rate specifications and functions. First off, it gives you a 5MP 120º wide-angle camera which can shoot 1080p video at 30FPS. So, if you are a camera enthusiast with a  low budget, you will appreciate with Holy Stone HS300. you can expect some nice footage from its camera.This drone is suggested for beginners rather than pros, due to lack of a sturdy frame.

Holy Stone X300c Pros

Holy Stone HS300 owns a  nice set of specifications like Headless Mode, One Key Return, Altitude Hold. One key landing, emergency stop, and low voltage protector.

It is an expensive drone, but you get a complete package which includes a 4GB Memory card,  2 batteries, 2 USB cables and propeller & landing gear extras.You can clearly notice that, is a complete package, in case something conks out you always get a standby.

Never fly this drone at night, as the LED mounted on the drone can drain the batteries some what quickly. It is better to get the extra accessories pack which includes plastic spare parts, an accumulator as well as extra plastic blades.

HS300 has a flight range of 150 meters and comes with a flight time of  around 8 to 10 minutes.The drone functions pretty nicely, even without windproofing or shock proofing features. It takes more time to fully charge its battery, around 200 minutes.

Pros Cons
  • Operator friendly drone
  • Nice HD camera
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Silent operation
  • Amazing  maneuverability
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Lack of windproofing;
  • Sluggish when compared to other drones
  • Does not come with blade protection
  • Chassis, as well as blades, are made out of  cheap plastic
  • Lack of landing pads.


7. Syma X8HG

 Syma X8HG can be considered as the most affordable drone in this Top 10 List, it is an  upgraded version of Syma X8G.

Syma X8HGSyma X8HG RC Drone

This model suits both beginners and experts. It comes with two speed options which permit operator to fly in small space like home with slow speed and more control In the second mode it can be used in more spacious areas such like a garden with a very high speed.

X8HG boasts of  a very novel function called Barometer Set Height. Normally, when pilot releases the left joystick, the drone will still remain at that height at which the joystick is freed.

Other useful functions are Headless Mode and  360º aerial stunt.

It has some drawbacks like lack of an FPV video downlink, which in turn makes framing shots cumbersome. The fixed gimbal does not help much in minimising camera shake.

The Syma X8HG is a capable  successor to the well known X8G . This model adds altitude hold to a proven toy-grade aerial photography drone like X8G. Given  its

< $150 price point, it is a nice option for those people who are scouting for a  toy quadcopter that is capable of capturing decent photos and videos.

It boasts of an 8MP camera,  enables recording extremely nice aerial video and nice pictures.The Syma can also capture nice 8MP images and superb 1080P videos right out of the box.



  • Extremely stable flyer
  • Records very good quality video with very minimal jello
  • Photos are above average for toy grade
  • Large bright LEDs could be seen even during the daytime
  • Longer  flight times of 8-9 mins
  • Motor kill function is minimum throttle for 2 secs, can cause crash if not careful
  • Fixed camera mount, so it can’t be tilted.It means you are only  shooting forward
  • Instruction manual is of poor quality and difficult  to understand sometimes

8. Pioneer JXD 509G

JXD 509G from Pioneer is an efficient  FPV drone like the popular WLToys Q212G. It boasts of a very futuristic design like the Yuneec Q500, compared to other standard looking quadcopters familiar to us. This model has been an amazing hit among the low- priced quadcopter models,  due to its superb quality and cheap  FPV quality, accurate hold feature and novel design.

Pioneer JXD 509G

One nice thing is the flight time of  6 minutes available from its 600mAh Li-Po battery It can transmit real-time video in moderate quality without delays, that is something appreciable for a low-priced quad.

The Q212G from WLToys costs more and does not offer this flight time.

If you are scouting for an affordable FPV quadcopter with long flight time, JXD 509G might be the right choice. It boasts of a distinct design and flexible material, Altitude Holder is a great feature for videography and photography lovers allowing them to focus on the camera.This neat feature stands apart from others and comes with 5.8G FPV Real Time Transmission.This is perceived to be the best sort of connection for FPV.

This drone is perfect for Aerial Photography. It is the cheapest FPV (first person view) drone available. The drone can ensure a steady position – easy to fly and snap still photos.

JXD 509G is a fantastic FPV quadcopter, the package offers all you require. You will absolutely get an awesome flight experience, almost no other quadcopter in this price bracket will demonstrate this kind of real-time video quality.

Pros Cons
  • Headless Mode
  • One Key Return
  • One Key Take off and Landing
  • Up to 150 meters flight range
  • Comes with built-in 2.0 MP Camera
  • Flexible Propeller and Materials
  • Stable Flight
  • Video quality not that great
  • A ‘jello’ effect,  can be clearly observed on the recorded video.
  • Short Battery life



X101C is one of the top quality drones below $200 price bracket for the beginners. It is affordable, easy to set up and fly.Firstly, it’s a large drone, almost twice the size of regular drones, and to be specific bigger than the other drones in its price range.


Because of the added protection around the propellers and the ease of flight, it is a great starting drone for inexperienced pilots who wish to explore the world of drones.

You can expect few drawbacks with the controller, but predominantly the biggest issue is that the controls can be removed easily and occasionally simply may fall and get lost in the car, the office or wherever you might keep it.

When you attempt to throttle over 90, the controller will normally prompt the drone to turn over.

The camera also boasts of a smartphone app that enables you to view what the camera views during flight and split-screen 3D support for almost reality head gear drone.

It is among the first drones out there to have split-screen 3D support which is compatible with VR devices and head gear. Having propeller guards at this price point is something unheard of. The frame design enables to tell which side is which just by glancing at it.

Even though this is a large quadcopter, the actual frame is somewhat small. The small frame house mainly the circuit board, various wires and connectors which come along with the battery, camera mounting gimbal as well as bracket.



  • A nice neat design
  • Propeller guards, protect the propellers and prevent them from breaking.
  • The drone looks remarkable, virtually like an aircraft.
  • A flight time of only 8-10 minutes
  • The controls appear to be too loose and fall down
  • The camera records images only in 720p.

10. UDI U818A

The UDI U818A is an ideal choice for beginners who prefer to control the flight themselves and take video on a shoestring budget. Do not expect a great design, but it is not poor either. Essentially, you can find a circular body in the middle to which the propeller guards are directly attached. The small, 500mAh battery runs tightly into a holder on the bottom.

UDI U818A quadcopter

Despite its lightweight and cheaper price, it is pretty durable and strong, for this low price. You get the advantage of smaller quads with features like Lighter, speed, quick manoeuvring as well as benefits of larger quads with features like a large size, flight stability).

Like other smaller models (Parrot Airborne, the Blade Nano RTF ), this drone is pounded by even very light winds. As well if the drone crashes into some object, the flexible frame bends and damages the rotor blades, sending it spinning out of control.

The UDI U818A is a fun quadcopter to fly. Two flight modes are available. You can control it easily with the app in the phone that is fixed on the transmitter directly. However, you do not get automatic landing or hover functions, like in other brands. As well RTH (Return to home) feature is available, which is really nice for this price!

Battery life of the small 500mAh battery of the UDI U818A is around 8 minutes, which is pretty common for a cheap drone like this. When the battery drains, you hardly get any alert message. The lifting power of the quadcopter just decreases and it drops out of the sky, a few seconds later.



  • Super durability and stability
  • Flight time is satisfactory
  • Bonus battery provided and easily swappable
  • Removable Micro-SD is a plus
  • Awesome App
  • Easy to fly
  • Fast and quick turning
  • Cheap price
  • Not too stable in windy conditions
  • Design and looks not so great
  • Can move out of signal range unexpectedly
  • HD video not up to the mark
  • Delays and falters observed during real time FPV
  • Short battery life


Final words
Demand for drones has been phenomenally growing during the last two years .In Fact, hobbyist drones have already entered the mainstream market.However, there is plenty of scope for growth. Today, drones are expected to fly within an operator’s visual line of sight, but in the near future drones will independently fly Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) due to improvement in connectivity technologies. As in smartphones, connectivity is the critical thing that will fuel the future growth of drones.


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