This is great news for drone enthusiasts. TobyRich Moskito is on sale – it costs $60, but it is being sold for $44.99 at present! What is so different and special about Moskito?

TobyRich Moskito is on sale

You have seen drones, played on simulators, read about them but flying them, are you sure you are a pro? Are you a beginner into the field of RC flying? Well, you may buy an advanced drone with a whole lot of mind-boggling features but if you are not able to fly it, the fun goes away. What if you get your hands on a drone that is simple to fly and everyone including you can learn flying with the help of it? Sounds amazing, right?

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TobyRich has designed an awesome drone for first-time pilots. As soon as you unbox Moskito, you will unravel the magical world of drones soaring high in the sky!

The ‘fantastic four’ features of this magnificent flying angel are –

  • Moskito is crash-resistant since it is made with an extremely durable material. This design is perfect for a beginner due to its vigour and amazing design causing minimal damage.
  • Guess how many control modes you need to fly Moskito? Ten? No. Eight? The answer us no again. Well, it has – believe it or not – only two simple control modes, that is, Joystick and Tilt. You can control this drone with the help of simple movement of your hand. You can control the drone from slow to fast speeds, everything is possible now! Due to its stupendous and simple control system, you can fly it indoors as well as outdoors. Get ready to transform your smartphone into a gamepad by providing the mounting joystick to it which comes along with the set! Game on!
  • The control system of the app is – wait for it – an app! This app is amaze-ING! The Moskito app helps you to save time for learning to fly Moskito. Flying becomes so simple with this app. In other drones, there are so many controls which make you confused as a beginner. Moskito app lets you fly the drone with high precision and humongous control and that too with minimal efforts. Well, you will be blessed by the awesomeness of Moskito. Connect – Get, Set and Go!

Moskito app in iphone 6

  • The wings of Moskito have a sleek and astonishing design that will provide you he perfect flight experience that you always wanted, even as a beginner. Flying is so easy with this drone. There are sensors attached on the drone which help to fly just by tilting your phone. Moskito also has a special Night flight mode which helps you to delve into night adventures of flying.

Technical Specs: At A Glance

Drone –

  • Flight Time – 12 minute
  • Weight – 18 grams
  • Charging Time – 20 minutes
  • Length – 22 cm
  • Battery – Li-Po 80 mAh
  • Wingspan – 22 cm
  • Colour – Black, Red & White
  • Range – 60 meters
  • Material – EPP
  • Wireless Standard – Bluetooth Smart

App –

  • Two Flight Modes – Joystick & Tilt Mode
  • Three Levels Of Difficulty – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
  • Standard – Bluetooth Smart
  • Five LED Blinking Patterns – Firefly, Police, Always, Airplane, Default
  • Compatibility iOS – iPhone 4s or newer
  • Compatibility Android – Android devices with Bluetooth Smart, Android version 4.3 or newer

You now feel like getting your own Moskito, right?

Moskito drone doesn’t need time and efforts for assembling and other stuff. You just unbox it and start flying! It is as simple as that, yay! Flying drones was never so easy before.


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