TIANQU XS808W RC Quadcopter Review

(Overview of features and specifications)

Do you know what is really taking off? If you guessed airplanes, then you are wrong. The correct answer is drones. Drones are the latest fad and drone are the ones that are really taking off. In the recent years, the drone trend has stabilized itself and is the new normal. The reason for the popularity of drones is that they are very versatile and perform a lot many functions that cannot be performed easily by humans. Also, drones are suitable for all ages. From children and youngsters to old folks, all are drawn to the drone technology. Drones can be employed for serious jobs like surveillance, aerial survey, monitoring etc. It can even be used for photography. Hence there is no reason to gainsay the growth of drones.

TIANQU XS808W RC Quadcopter Review

TIANQU XS808W is manufactured by the company TIANQU which is a Chinese manufacturer based in the People’s Republic of China. The brand name is pretty well known in the Chinese drone market. The company is known for its beginner-friendly feature-rich drones that are available at very reasonable and competitive price.


TIANQU XS808W is a quadcopter that is a remote controlled drone. It has several features that are attractive in its price range. This article will be a detailed review of the features and specifications of this drone which looks promising for its price.

Safe & Secure Design


The first thing to look for in a drone is its design and aerodynamics which play a vital part in determining the quality of the drone. Also, visual appeal too plays an important role in captivating the users. In that way, TIANQU XS808W is an aesthetically designed quadcopter which is visually attractive due to its design.

TIANQU XS808W measures 32.50 x 32.50 x 13.00 cm (L x W x H) i.e. 12.8 x 12.8 x 5.12 inches and weighs just 0.1560 Kg. Even if all the contents of the package are taken into account, it weighs less than 1 kg at 0.8650 kg. This signifies that the drone is very small and that it is very light. Although the drone weighs less, it can perform stunts and rolls without any issues. Also, propellers are provided with propeller guards so as to protect the drone from crashes. The 6-axis gyroscope provides stability against winds while flying outdoors. But don’t be glad that it weighs less because it is easy to lose sight of the drone due to its small size.

Easy Usage

Joystick of TIANQU XS808W

TIANQU XS808W is remote controlled and comes with a joystick that can be used to control it. Although the drone is small, it is big in its features and can be used by beginners as well as professionals with ease. The joystick itself is easy and simple to operate. With just a push of a button, the drone can be lifted up in the air and lowered down to the ground. TIANQU XS808W has altitude hold capability and can remain at the same height while the pilot shoots videos and pictures.

Pilots may lose sight of the drone’s head while flying. To avoid such problems, TIANQU XS808W can be operated in Headless mode and the direction of flight can be easily controlled. Perhaps, the biggest plus point is that the drone has 6-axis stabilization which allows it sweep past winds without many problems. This also helps pilots to shoot pictures without shakes and blurs.


No one can say no to a drone with a camera. That too, if that drone has many other features but still costs less, it is a definite yes. TIANQU XS808W also comes equipped with a suspended 0.3 MP camera that lets users shoot pictures and transmit videos. The pilot can see the first person view of the drone with the help of the camera. The pitch of the camera can also be controlled with the help of a mobile phone connected wirelessly to the drone.


Another important factor that decides the functionality of drones is the flight time and the battery capacity. TIANQU XS808W comes with a 3.7V lithium-ion battery with a rating of 650 mAh. The battery is not so impressive by itself but it is not a bad one too. A fully charged battery can enable the drone to fly for about 5-7 minutes. At low batteries, the drone may not be able to perform stunts and rolls.It is an obvious disadvantage. The only solace is that the charging time is about 1 hour only.


TIANQU XS808W may have scored low in the battery section but it scores very high in connectivity. XS808W is a four channel device controlled by a 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote Control. It can be connect be connected to any smartphone with an android version later than V2.2 or iOS 5.1.1 with XSW UFO app through WiFi. Given that there is a camera, the remote-person view can be streamed. Hence snooping and peeking has been made easy.

Additional features:

Apart from the features mentioned above, other features in XS808W are listed below.

  • Speed adjustment: The speed of XS808W is variable and can be adjusted among three speeds depending on the experience of the pilot. Low, medium and high are the speed modes and any speed can be selected to suit the needs of the user.
  • G-sensor mode: In this mode, the XS808W can be made to follow the movements of the smartphone.

Price and availability

XS808W is available online at many online stores including Gearbest and it costs $49.26. Be on the lookout for discounts as several online stores offer one.

Package contents

  • 1 quadcopter
  • 1 transmitter
  • 1 camera
  • 4 spare propellers
  • 4 spare propeller guards
  • 2 landing skids
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 manual

Bottom line

The takeaway is that TIANQU XS808W is a wonderfully designed drone that provides all functionalities that are necessary for a drone. It even has some features that are only available in high-end drones. For its price, TIANQU XS808W does justice and can be purchased without any reservation.


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