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Solar Powered Drones: Drones Joining the Solar revolution

Solar Powered drone
As the world endeavors to pursue its mission of “Go green, Go solar”, drones also have caught...

Fire-Fighting Drones: A Great Leap Towards the Future

Fire Fighting Drones
Fire-fighting drones? Okay – this is new & a marvellous idea indeed. Cool, right? Here we are...

Drone Marvel: 18 year-old’s startup creates the World’s Fastest Commercial Drone “The Teal”

Teal Drone
Drones are just amazing flying machines that is loved by all drone-enthusiasts around the globe. There are...

Jaw-Dropping Record Set by China: 119 Drones launched together

119 Drones launched in china
You are out for a surprise pals! China had set foot in the fantabulous world of drone...

TobyRich Moskito on Sale: Save $15 on this easy-to-fly drone for beginners

This is great news for drone enthusiasts. TobyRich Moskito is on sale – it costs $60, but...

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