In this modern age dominated by technology and innovations, the use of drones seems to be increasing rapidly with many tech giants getting involved in manufacturing drones which can do the job of humans without wasting much energy and time. Syma Model Aircraft is a china based mini-drone manufacturer selling electronic helipads all over the world. Syma has launched yet another micro helipad with Co-axial controlling through remote controllers that are best suited for beginners under the name of ‘SYMA X8SC RC Quadcopter’.

SYMA X8SC RC Quadcopter Review
SYMA X8SC RC Quadcopter In-Depth Review

Syma Model Aircraft Industrial Co. Ltd. Is a china based manufacturer located in Laime Industrial park in Chenghai District of Shantou city Guangdong. They are large-scale enterprise operating on their own designing, manufacturing & trading. This company sells all their products under the brand name of ‘SYMA’. Syma believes in producing original, innovative and top quality products for its customers.

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In this article, we will be talking about Syma X8SC which was launched recently with some impressive specifications and utilities. Syma X8SC is a 4 channel remote control Quadcopter packed with amazing features and specifications that are in demand.


Syma X8SC RC Quadcopter design review

Syma being famous for its innovative approach has come up with yet another eye-catching design for its latest Syma X8SC with a premier design and finish emphasizing their goal to produce top quality products.

Check Price of Syma X8SC Quadcopter

It has the dimensions of 50 x 50 x 19 cm (L x W x H) or 19.69 x 19.69 x 7.48 inches weighing around 1.5 kilograms. Although, it’s built with high-quality materials the weight of this drone is considered to be slightly on the lighter side.

This drone comes with all the necessary goods you just have to attach them according to the manual given for guidance. After combining all of its parts you will see an attractive Quadcopter with neatly designed 4 wings making the overall look even more stylish


Syma X8SC comes with many handy features which help it stand out in the populated market of drones. It has features like a one-button solution which allows users to move their copter up and down with just one press of a button which is very convenient for customers controlling it.

Syma X8SC with One Key return function

In addition, you also have a headless mode and altitude mode that allows your drone to linger at one level which will let you concentrate on shooting pictures and videos at your will without much disturbance.

Syma certainly has improved protection for the rotor blades which are made of highly elastic plastic to prevent it from wear. It is also equipped with 6 Axis Gyro. The 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight supplies strong stability that can easily implement various flight movements that are much easier to control with stronger wind resistance.


Inbuilt 2MP HD Camera

The latest model of Syma called as the Syma X8SC is finally available with latest designs and implementations. With built-in HD lens, the picture quality has severely improved with the camera on the X8SC and as a result, the images displayed on it are much clearer than most of its competitors.

It comes with a 2-megapixel camera having a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. You can also record high definition videos through this drone with help of its camera that is enabled to shoot videos at 1280 c 720 pixels.


This drone comes with high-capacity battery found which is specially designed for X8SC, with 7.4V 2000 mAh high capacity battery coming with a built-in battery charge and discharge management function. With the new high-energy cell combined with advanced battery management system,

This can provide enough power for the drone to move for longer durations without recharging and it can continuously fly for around 9-10 minutes. Although there is an obligation to take this benefit, that the battery must be charged with the charger provided by Syma itself. The charging time is less than 150 minutes.


X8SC comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote controller which is powered by 4 x 1.5V AA batteries allowing the users to control their helipad even from long distances. The user can control this device from a maximum distance of 60m – 70 m which are not very far but is certainly is impressive for this price tag.

Additional Features:

Additional Features of Syma X8SC RC Quadcopter

Headless Mode:

By selecting headless mode the drone will be in total control of your joystick movement. So the multi-copter flies in accordance with the joystick movements made by the user using its transmitter

360o Eversion

This drone is also equipped with the feature of 360 o eversion allowing it to perform spectacular sets of continuous rolls just on the press of a single button.

Increased Durability

The blades of Syma X8SC are made from plastic and the corners are made from highly elastic plastic protective circle preventing it from problems like anti-collision, wear and even enhances its anti-fall performance. All these enhancements are made for the sole purpose of making Syma X8SC more durable.

Price and Availability:

The Syma X8SC is available online being a Chinese product it can be purchased from most of the popular online stores including Gearbest which is offering this spectacular drone at the price of $91.36 only.

Package Includes:

Package Includes with Syma X8SC Drone

You will be getting the following materials under the box which are given to users for proper usage of their Drone.

  • 1 x Syma X8SC Quadcopter
  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 4 x Propeller Guide
  • 2 x Landing Gear
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Card Reader
  • 1 x Manual

Bottom Line

After reviewing the SYMA X8SC we can say that Syma has done a brilliant job here. This quadcopter drone has most of the premium features available only in high pricing drones that are not affordable for every customer. So, our suggestion would be to go for Syma X8SC without hesitation.

Where to Buy

Although, it’s very easy to find a store to buy this tech but, if you use our link you can luckily get the best discounts available in the market and who knows you might end up getting even more. So, click on the link below to purchase.

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