Drones are just amazing flying machines that is loved by all drone-enthusiasts around the globe. There are people who are space geeks and are crazy about spaceships. Others are fascinated by flying UAVs. There are some people who build model RC Airplanes as their hobby.

Your love for drones may have started at a tender age, but could you beat George Matus, an 18-year-old boy who has set foot in the drone industry with a record-breaking flying UAV – and there is more – under his own company!

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Get ready to be inspired by the drone dreams that this boy has lived all through his life. Meet the Boy Who Made it True – George Matus, Jr., who is a big flight enthusiast and was the winner of the prestigious Teenage World Champion drone pilot. He is the first kid to build an awe-inspiring drone at the age of 14 – woah, that is pretty smooth! This was the beginning of a new phase in little George’s life. He left no stones unturned when he secured a Fellowship from The Thiel Foundation and hence started his own company, Teal Drone.


George, the CEO of Teal Drone, brought out his first product in market at the tender age of 18. And guess what, he did what no one else could do – Launching a magnificent drone which is – take a deep breath – world’s fastest production drone! It can fly with a speed of 85 miles per hour. This is so awesome, right?

Matus believes that “Teal is the realization of a dream.”

Geroge has support from one of the largest GPU producer for gaming and pro-markets, none other than – NVIDIA. That is the coolest thing you have ever heard right? This boy inspires every drone enthusiast, he really does.

Teal is powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and will be available soon in the markets. The highly anticipated airborne supercomputing platform will get you fully assembled model and an onboard flight control Follow-Me feature. The Follow-Me feature does exactly what its name suggest. This super-cool feature allows Teal to follow its user autonomously. Yes, you are going to have some serious fun with this one!

Matus has tried to focus on people from all walks of life and thus this drone is fun and simple to fly! You can capture 4K-video and 13-Megapixel stills from this over-the-top flying bud. Teal has everything you need – multiple modes for beginners and for kick-Ass flyers, highly user-friendly and you can control this drone wonder with your smartphone, tablet or hobby control (yeah, you can).

Teal has its own software platform, namely Teal OS and SDK for the flying app. This software uses a lot of advanced concepts such as Machine Learning, Autonomous Flight and Image Recognition making it all the more perfect. All of this complex interior design at a price of $1300.

Features At A Glance

  • NVIDIA TX1 Processor
  • Deep Learning and Image Recognition
  • SDK for unlimited apps
  • Superior design with upgradable frame
  • Material used – Extremely Durable Carbon-infused Plastic
  • Onboard Camera – 13MP superb view & 4K video
  • 16 GB Internal Storage
  • microSD Card Slot
  • Flight Range – 300 feet (using Smartphones) and a whooping 2,500 feet (using an external Wi-Fi Extender)
  • Flight possible even in winds with speed 40+ miles per hour
  • Water-proof
  • Comes with not one but Two fast-charging batteries
  • Optional Endurance Package – Doubles the Flight Time
  • Small and easier to carry

Featuring – Onboard GPD/GLONASS navigation with Differential & RTK GPS (This is the first time in Drone History that these features are included in a production drone)

Matus is an inspiration for all the drone enthusiasts around the globe. He had a lot of difficulties in building the prototype, raising the funds and all the other stuff, but he finally did it. Every drone enthusiast out there – Get ready for some cool drone action because Teal is taking pre-orders. Since Teal is so awesome, you don’t feel like waiting anymore. Don’t you feel like reserving one for yourself? You do, right? Well, this fastest and smartest drone is coming this fall!


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