NASA is the coolest space agency in the world. NASA is out with some or the other Drone Marvels for research and experimentation purposes and they have something new now, something that is way cooler than anything else – NASA’s Langley Research Centre in Virginia has come out with a fantastique solution that will affect the air safety of small-sized Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – “Safe2Ditch”.

What is Safe2Ditch Technology?

“Safe2Ditch” is a mind-blowing software that reaches the zenith of coolness in the superb world of flying machines. Trish and Lou Glabb have designed the software to helps the UAVs to become smart. If these drones are sick – they will cure themselves! Yes, pals – this is true indeed.

safe2ditch for drones

The software allows drones to automatically detect any problems with its electrical circuitry – may it be problems with the battery or a bad motor – for a smooth and safe flight. To top it up a notch, this drone also has the superior ability to identify obstacles and disturbances. Whenever such a circumstance crops up, Safe2Ditch commands the drone to land – flawless indeed – this drone has become the smartest one ever.

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Well, there is more. Not only does this awesome drone does the self-monitoring and takes action but also helps the drone to notice any changes in the position of cargo in these drones and any structural damage caused. For instance, if there is a damage on any side of the drone and is compromising its structural balance, Safe2Ditch helps the drone to take stock of the situation in the funkiest way ever – it allows the drone’s rotor to level out before landing. It sounds pretty amazing that unlike before – programs and tech has taken over humans for flying and monitoring drones. Unbelievable, but remarkably true – indeed.

Safe2Ditch Technology
Safe2Ditch Technology [Source :]
In this software, there is a list of safe zones to land provided in the pre-programmed setup. This makes the drone intelligent enough that it tests if the spot chosen to land is convenient or not. It can check for heat signature or any obstacle in the spot.

Science and Technology are making the world of drones much more advanced every day. I am eagerly waiting for another brilliant advancement, being a drone geek. You feel the same, don’t you?


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