Hubsan H501S Pro x4 is the drone that has introduced in the market for the professionals. It has light weight and durable that would offer you the stable performance. The design of this latest drone from Hubsan looks good that would captivate the attention of purchaser.

Husban H501S Pro x4 Review

The Company HUBSAN is recognized as the trusted supplier as they keen on introducing new products along with such they focus on quality in order to meet the requirement. Although there are couple of drones are introduced in the market by Husban but this one is best among all their prior devices.


Features at Glance

  • Full HD Camera
  • Brushless Motors
  • GPS Built in for precise positing
  • Follow me mode
  • Automatic Return function
  • Headless Mode
  • 20 Min Flying time on full Charge
  • 2700 mAh Battery

Review of Husban H501S Pro x4

Design of device

The device has the dimension of 350*350*80 mm and weight is 117g which seems to be light weight product and carried easily. This is totally a new product that has been introduced and widespread accepted among the majority of customer. It is offered in black and white optimal color that gives a decent look to you while you are looking to purchase the quad copter.

No confusion regarding direction

When flying this drone you need to worry about the direction under headless mode. Therefore if you are looking toward and being concern about the direction, then you need to activate the hold mode while initiating the flight so that you do not come across any obstacle while flying the drone.

Other Noticeable Features

The highed cover available at the back opens to show the connector along with the battery and company offer a basic balance charger for charging the drone. The motor are brushless that indicates that they are utilizing the identical type which has been used by DJI and last for a good time.

There is 64GB micro SD card that works with no issue that would might attract and amaze the minds of users. While going through the manual of the device, it has detailed everything in a simple manner that would help you to acknowledge more regarding the device. There are two modes available for flying the drone: – one is regarding the GPS Mode while the other for Home switches that assist in bringing the drone to its origin.


According to the price, it is a good option to buy as it offers easy control that offers you the confidence to fly high and far. In the default mode, it will not take off till it attains the solid GPS Signal that indicates the drone to fly in the air. There are menus key available that would determine the button for capturing the images, video recording, at much more.

Pros & Cons


  • Great Design of the product
  • Light weight
  • Helps in saving the space
  • Great functionality
  • Camera drone for beginners


  • Low battery
  • Adjusting feature
  • Price
  • Aerial video quality

Pricing & Availability

You have to pay $314 for getting the Husban H501S X4 which is a satisfactory amount for the drone with feature of GPS, a 1080p camera along with the brushless motor. It has inbuilt 3.7in monitor with the decent controller that controls the flying of the drone.

Buy HUBSAN H501S Pro X4

Concluding point to the review

The overall description of Husban H501S Pro x4 gives the impression that it is a good busy for customers who are looking to purchase the drone that would offer them the feasibility to perform the aerial photography and easy to carry while you are travelling from one place to another place due to its light weight. According to me, you can surely go for the product as this is the best product offered By Husban till now and GPS would certainly a factor that make you choose this decision of buying without any hassle. However if you are looking for an awesome aerial video and photography, then I personally suggest you to look somewhere else. I would rate the product 4.7 star.

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