‘Hubsan’, a well-known brand name among drone lovers. After their successful models like Hubsan X4 / H107L / H107C, we know the buzz created by the most recent of them, the Hubsan H501S. Now, Hubsan has come up with the most budget friendly version of H501S, the Hubson H502S. Looks wise, it’s very similar to Hubsan H501S model but slightly smaller.

Original Hubsan H502S Quadcopter

Basically, they have made the cheaper version of Hubsan H501S, but the good news is apart from small changes the drone still have most of the premium features of H501S.

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This is the first drone ever with brushed motors and with a GPS. The big HUBSAN brand name with the economical price makes it a good deal for everyone. It is suitable for beginners who are looking for small and efficient budget drones.

Original HUBSAN H502S RC quadcopter Review

Body of Hubson H502S

Before Starting the full review lets have a look at main feature of this quadcopter

  • Remote Control Battery: 4*AA Battery (not included)
  • Flight Time: 12 minutes
  • Charging Time: 150 minutes
  • Control Range: > 250 meters
  • Controller: 4.3 inches LCD

 Design and Appearances

Design of Hubson H502SH502S is smaller in comparison with H501S. It is manufactured mainly using plastic and alloy. It is equipped with a Li-Po 7.4V 610mAh battery. It is made of very light weight. It weighs only 155 grams even with the battery which is amazing.

Camera Reviews

Camera Review

Hubsan H502S is equipped with a 2MP, 720p camera and results are above average. 720p video recording is in HD and is of very good quality. One can say that this is the best camera in this price range of drones. There is a micro sd slot available directly on the drone. The FPV transmitting in very fast and there is no lag at all. The picture does not lose clarity or color even when the drone is at a far distance.



Its controller comes with a 4.3 inch LCD screen with a screen resolution of 640 x 480 px resolution. It displays information like the GPS location of controller and drone, battery voltage, the altitude of the drone etc. It runs on 4 AA batteries. Its battery consumption is limited to only 4 flights at max which is one of the main con of this drone.

Flight Performance:


You need to first calibrate the drone with GPS when you are using this drone for the first time which is very easy but important.The flight time of this drone is around 13 minutes at the maximum whereas it averages around 11 minutes which is pretty average in comparison with other latest drones. The control range of this drone is pretty good as it has 250m control range. But FPV works well if the drone is below 150m range. As the drone is of very less weight, it gets blown away by heavy winds in outdoors. However, GPS comes to survive you at these hard times.

H501S Vs H502S: Comparison of Both quadcopter from Hubson

There are no striking differences between both the drones at first look. But when you look closer, there are some striking noticeable differences between them.

As already said, H502S is smaller than H501S. H502S model is equipped with brushed motors where as H501S is equipped with brushless motors. One more difference is that H501S comes with 1080 P camera whereas H502S comes with a 720P camera. These two differences made the H502S, an economical drone.

This quadcopter comes with many advanced features like signal loss protection, one key return to home, holding at a specific altitude. However, the control range and flight time are a bit on the lower side when compared with its previous version(H501S).

There are even many similarities between them like follow me mode as both drones are equipped with GPS. Both drones have anti-signal loss feature in them which enables the drone to return to its take-off position in case the signal is lost.

What will you get in the package?

  • 1 x Hubsan H502S
  • 1 x Transmitter including a 4.3″ FPV monitor
  • 1 x Charger
  • 4 x Spare props
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Instruction manual (English)

Pros and Cons-


  • Light weight design
  • Easiness of operation
  • Economical Price
  • Follow me mode
  • Anti-signal loss feature


  • Brushed motors
  • 720p camera

Final Verdict

If one could ignore the camera quality and could replace brushed motors with brushless motors, then this budget drone will definitely be one of the best for you.

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