Guangdong Meijiaxin Innovative Technology Co., Ltd  (MJX in short ) is a Chinese technology company founded in 1983. As one of the main professional manufacturers in the RC Drone industry, MJX has created fantastic radio control model under brand name of “MJX” for children & youngster all over the world for over 30 years.

MJX M1 Drone
MJX M1 Drone Review

Today, MJX has developed into a professional technological innovation company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent aerial vehicles (Drones) and radio control toys. They were specialized in Aerial Drones, Brush-less Drones and cameras. Their supporting online web store is eBAY. In the past they have launched MJX BUGS 3 Drone, which was very much appreciated by the users.

In the same way, MJX this time come up with MXJ M1 Quadcopter. The feature of this flying gadget are really impressive, but still it has some cons. So lets find out a deep review of this flying gadget.

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Elegant Shape

Design of MJX M1 Drone

The look of M1 is a real sight-stealer. M1 Brushless drone is carried out in a polished matte black and with perfectly cut streamlined curves make it not just rigid but also gives it a balanced flying Posture. The makers of the M1 drone has brought in this style of innovation which is appreciated in the market of technology.

Flying Auxiliary System

Flying Auxiliary System

It is a normal remote controller design. The design is so simple that even if a person who is totally new operates he can successfully fly it without any fear. The built-in flying control system can record turning-home point, the aircraft can fly back to you in the condition of signal lost, near exhaustion of battery, or reception of return signal this is a bonus advantage.


The drone has got a super amazing 6000 mAh Smart battery. The battery has got built-in sensor and LED which has the ability to indicate if the battery is low and also aids night flying. The battery covers a capacity of 12.6v and this system can automatically sense.

How long the battery lives?

When should the device return home before it dies?

Hence this will guide the user to know when to power it just like a mobile phone.

Hovering Capacity

It is a Dual GPS and GLONASS assisted system. This makes positioning much more easier. It achieves stable hovering, fixed location and altitude hold. When the GPS reception signal is good, the drone will fly maintaining its altitude and then the user can right away keep his hands off the control stick. The system can fly it without controlling it directly.


MJX M1 Brushless Drone Camera quality

The camera quality adds value to the Drone. M1’s camera never fails to justify the quality of a good camera. The camera is equipped with the sensor which is seen in the Sony cameras. It has got super large lens with a diameter of 17mm and super wide 6G 170° range lens, it enables user to make 1080P and 2.7K photography.

The user can then capture the images and store it in Micro SD Card that holds a capacity of 64GB Memory. It has 3-axis mechanical gimbal with built-in MEMS 6-axis gyroscope and with a precision less than 0.02 deg which makes it more optimistic for video coverage.

Dual Antenna Control

The control has got a dual antenna for transmitter and receiver. This helps the device to grasp the signal, increases the antenna gain and reduces the signal interference.  When your drone is competing with other drones in the very fact of dual antennas stops the interference of other signals.


The splendid 7 inch screen serves 2 purposes. It can be directly used as a screen by placing it above the control where the user can get perfect view if the video or it can be used as a screen for Virtual Reality G2 Googles. This ability makes it even more convenient and cost saving one.

For more than one km the user can get real-time video coverage without any latency delay. This makes it even more reliable and efficient for capturing video.

Pros & Cons Of MJX M1 Drone


  • It has got a screen that serves 2 purposes unlike Bugs series.
  • It has got the ability to fly back if the signal is lost.
  • Excellent camera quality and captures without latency
  • Replacing parts of the device is available on online stores
  • User can stop using the controller once they grasp strong signal capacity.
  • Battery has the ability to sense the charge available and display
  • Stunning 2.7K photography
  • Dual GPS AND GLONASS for accurate location


  • Bugs 3 has 360 degree flip movement which is not available in M1
  • Lacks smart controller
  • No unique protection for battery
  • No double layer protection
  • Does not have the ability to store images directly into ipad or iphones
  • No live streaming

Why Buy?

No doubt that MJX has become the very well known brand in the quadcopter world. If you compare the MJX drone with other well established brand like Dji, Hubsan or SYMA , it is quite affordable. So if you are a aerial photography freak, but dont want to spend much on these flying UAV, you can try this drone.

One more reason to buy this drone is that you can easily find its various part on online retailers.

Is this Quadcopter available for worldwide users?

Yes, this Quad is available for worldwide users. You can buy this quadcopter from given link.


  1. Is the drone on sale yet? I asked MJX directly and they said the sale date is pending, so I don’t think you can buy it right now :\ Do you have any idea when the sale starts?


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