Drone is the recent trend in the tech market. From Beginners to professional everyone is becoming addicted to them. Many companies are manufacturing their best flying product in this competitive market. Some of the Best Drone companies names are DJI, JJRC & Syma.

H38 Latest assembled drone feature

JJRC is all set to launch its new H38 Quadcopter. H38 is one of the best of all available drones in the market, which has all good features without compromising on the quality of the product. The drone is the best beginners drone and you don’t need to do any learning prior to flying. Beginners will be impressed by its simplicity. Gear up guys get ready to conquer the air!!

 In-DEPTH REVIEW OF JJRC H38 Latest Assembled Drone


The drone has got the killer looks with the right composure of the black and blue making it bright on air. It is finely poised with a very impressive design and solid build. The arms of the drone are solid which tends to be less fragile unlike many other drones in market with feeble wings. Propeller blades are a pure bliss. They are specially crafted to give the drone a smooth flight. Guard propellers shield the wings from damage from trees and other objects that the drone might meet during its flight. It protects the most vital parts.


Flight time of jjrc h38 quadcopter

Like an any other toy drone, the H38 also has short flight time of about 6 to 7 minutes. This isn’t quite an impressive figure, but for small kids friendly drone it is quite sufficient.


Imagine a circle of 40m radius you at the centre then that is the maximum limit you can control you drone. 40m controlling distance is good for low level drone users. If you are someone who is expecting long distance imaging then isn’t the best.


Yes this budget JJRC’S H38 Drone has an inbuilt camera.The camera provided here give a wide angle coverage of about 120 degree specially Crafted for a wider view of the scene. This isn’t a common quality of a drone. In fact most of the drone users demanded for a wide coverage.

If you are into aerial photographs then this drone must be on your cart.

The camera offers you a 2MP resolution. This is pretty much a good for a budget drone. Today, you can find a wider selection of resolution cameras in other drones.


Every drone user’s main concern is the battery. A Battery capacity of 400mAh is pretty decent. It promises with a charging time of about 60-70 min. There is nothing special about it but it is a great grab at this price. Fair job with the battery is all I call it.

3D FLIPS and Headless mode

Worried about missing the right Angle? H38 gives you a solution. 3D flips help you with the all-around photography. Nothing misses the eyes of the drone. You get to adjust it to the best of your requirement. You can take pictures according to your wish with just one push.

Pros and Cons of JJRC H38 Quadcopter Drone

In Box of JJRC H38 Drone


  • Most suitable one for the beginners
  • Impressive price that let’s anyone own it
  • You get to picture an all around photograph with the 3D flip
  • You can connect your mobile with it for a more clear view
  • Ease of the remote control
  • Return to Home : Lets your drone to come back to you when they leave your range
  • Safe and reliable


  • The battery capacity isn’t great. The user scenario as such requires very high battery backup
  • Very less camera resolution and no HD Cameras
  • No long-fly time
  • No GPS Tracker


This drone is particularly suitable for all the Newbies. The drone promises to give a Ease flying experience. So you don’t need to know ALL-ABOUT-FLYING when you have this with you. Also you can get this for an Average to Medium photography. Price gets your attention. This is one best drone for the beginners. This is definitely worth every penny you spend.


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