You are out for a surprise pals! China had set foot in the fantabulous world of drone awesomeness a long time back, but wait – there is more.

119 Drones launched in china

China has launched – believe it or not – 119 fixed-wing UAVs yesterday. Well, with this astounding amazing achievement, China has broken the record of – guess who, China itself! China holds a record of swarming 67 cool drones into the sky as per the reports by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

CETC states that “swarm intelligence” is being regarded as the core of artificial intelligence of unmanned systems and the future of intelligent unmanned systems.

This news is buzzing all around the internet and media. How good is it for drone enthusiasts? Well, this news is a big heads up for the drone society in China and can be a source of inspiration for all the drone lovers all over the world.

China is the currently the leading drone maker in the world. How about you make your country proud and get those ideas started in that drone-loving brain of yours? Happy #UAVFlying people!


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