Fire-fighting drones? Okay – this is new & a marvellous idea indeed. Cool, right? Here we are moving towards the future. Drones have the fantabulous ability to change the world – make it a better place – indeed.

Fire Fighting Drones

There are many reasons why fire-fighting drones are way far ahead than the conventional methods of putting off fire.

Looking at the Big Picture – a drone can reach to places where the normal ladder cannot. Fair enough, isn’t it?

What more? Drones can adjust angles way faster than the usual fire trucks. Well, this is so true!

The True Story behind this discussion is to tell you about the awesomeness of Fire-Fighting drones which was recognized by a Latvian company called Aerones Ltd. which is developing such a drone which can make the IMPOSSIBE – ‘I am Possible’.

The fire-fighting drone being developed by Aerones will probably be able to ‘Save The Day’ by fighting against high-rise fires.

Fire extinghishes with Drones

It is evident from the above photograph that the task is Herculean and not so easy as may seem to be. Agreed that it is SuperCooL and far ahead of our beloved expectations – but tough, it seems.

Now, let us come over to the specifications of this astoundingly amazing DroneMarvel –

  • Weight – 121 pounds
  • Ability to Lift – 319 pounds

319 pounds – woah, this drone can heavy-life – you must be wondering. But, stating the facts here – lifting 319 pounds may seem like a bit too much but is limiting once you consider the water-filled hose attached to the drone. Every foot of hose accounts for a specific amount of weight, yes it does. For instance, 100 fts. of 5’ hose weighs over 944 pounds!

Moving forward pals. It seems that the flight height that this fire-fighting drone promises to reach – 984 to 1,312 feet – may seem overwhelmingly Bazooka! Let us delve deep into the matter with some more facts. If the drone takes of an operational flight height of 984 feet, the hose length attached to the drone would limit to a meagre 1 inch. Now, if the drone is attached to a 2½ inch hand line, it would require a lifting power of 2,086 pounds at 984 feet, oh yes, it is true!

The facts stated seem reasonable enough to say that the drone is still in the development mode. But since it will change the way we tackle fires will be something we all might be looking forward to. Aerones Ltd. has already started with their next improvement of updating the battery-powered drone to a power cabled drone for a longer duration of its operation.

Long story short, the highly anticipated fire-fighting drone is indeed a spectacularly incredible idea that could someday be a must tool in the arsenal for fighting fire in high-rise buildings.

Hoping that Aerones Ltd. works out with the improvements soon enough to help the fire-fighting departments all over the world to fight with the high-rise fires someday. It is indeed a step towards the future!


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