For a comfortable life, we need basic needs life food, luxury, friends and last but not the least the safety and security. Security gains a main importance in these days. Security or surveillance includes civil security, protection against illegal excavations, monitoring nuclear accidents, border control, crime identification, search of missing persons, monitoring plane crash, monitoring storm, hurricane and so on.

Drones for security

In the field of forestry, surveillance is importance in monitoring the flood, anti-poacher operations and in forest-fire fighting purpose. All these processes are more complex and a single technology called drone or quadcopter is implemented in all these processes. So we can say that Drones for Security has become an essential part in today’s time.


How can a drone be used for the security purpose?

In present, CCTV cameras are used everywhere for the monitoring purpose. But, when it comes for the other purpose such as monitoring the flood and hurricane, it becomes an inconvenient one. Drones have now come with camera features like thermal mapping and motion detection which helps us in the security industry. Recently, the New York experts has found the method for connecting the drones along with gunshot detector have will help the officers to see the shooters clearly without placing them in a dangerous position.

Drones are fully automated ones that are useful in the military fields as well.

Quick review for drones Security system

There are many applications of drones in security and I would like to bring some of them for your reference.

Personal security and remote reconnaissance:

Drones for Security & Surveillance drones

For the remote reconnaissance purpose, recon drones are more popular in the market. When we plan for a journey, we can send the drone in prior before the arrival and get footages of the destination and ensure that the place is safe. It is best suited for both indoor and outdoor locations and a flexible one. In 2013, these drones were used effectively by the counter terrorism commandos. In order to find and disable the criminals and thieves, personal security drones are now in progress that will intimate us about the intruder and disable them by the stun gun.

Airport security:

Drone technology in Airport Security

Skyranger drones that are equipped with the camera feature known as snapshot is now used in the airport and port security process in Abu Dhabi and Gatwick. They are used in providing information regarding the approaching ships and cargos.

Event security and crowd control:

when an event takes place in a stadium or in a ground, the surveillance becomes more difficult with the help of cameras.  For example, when an Olympic game takes place, we have to keep track on the crowd and report if any disturbances takes place. Recently, aerial drones were used in securing the events in the Sochi Olympics that took place in 2014 world cup in Brazil. When some protest takes place and when the problem goes out of control, we will be requiring a solution to solve this without harming the lives of protestors. The skunk riot control copter is designed for this purpose for the control of protestors.


Poaching is an illegal hunting activity that is related to killing of animals leading to the increase of endangered species. Although many laws have been framed for the ban of poaching, it still prevails. For this purpose, surveillance drones have been implemented in national parks for finding the presence of hunters and in alerting them. These drones operate with low noise and do not disturb the animals.


military drones for SWAT

SWAT (special weapons and tactics team), these trained teams are used exclusively for the rescue of hostages. The SWAT team members are equipped with armor and some of the aerial assistance such as helicopters. Drone planes are useful in these cases instead of helicopters which would costs less and be more flexible and provide safer conditions for civilians and for the team members.

Can a security drone be used in cinematography?

Drones for Cinematography

Recently, a drone called aptonomy was developed by a startup company in San Francisco. It is called as “flying security guard”.

Drones can be used by the filmmakers to capture aerial images that is too hard to be imagined. The DJI S1000 is designed especially for the photography and cinematography field in capturing beautiful videos and professional footages. They carry loudspeakers and lights as well. These drones react too smart as they are updated with the artificial intelligence (AI) technology. They behave more impressive with the face recognition feature and proved to be the excellent security tool.

What can be the future aspect?

Drones have proved to be the effective and efficient tool in various fields like agriculture, research, security and so on. Drones for security surveillances is an integral part of today’s security system. These automated tools help the advancements in technology and make us to live a secured and safer life. These security tools are automated and still require human assistance in operating them. These drones are flexible and affordable by all but because of lack of awareness it has not still reached some areas which is still undeveloped. In future, drones will be used everywhere and will prove as an effective one.



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