There are a lot of fields where drones have proved their worth. From entertainment to complex surveillance, drones have made their way into every part of our life. Many things that we humans find hard to do can be done without much effort using drones. After all, automatic and self-balancing drones are available in plenty in the market.

Drones For Inspection Purpose

Drones for Inspection

While most commonly drones are predominantly used for entertainment, racing and photography, there is a host of other functions that drones can do and it includes inspection. Although it is well known that drones are now employed actively in surveillance and that surveillance means monitoring, there is a fine line of distinction between surveillance and inspection. In the recent days, drones are being deployed for inspection purposes. It is obviously because they are better than humans in inspecting cramped and dangerous places. They are widely used in inspection for Building, Roof, Bridge, Power lines and many more. Here we are elaborating one example of inspection with these flying gadgets.

Drones For Building or Roof Inspection

Manual Building Inspection

Take the example of building inspection. To maintain a building safe and aesthetically pleasing, it is important to check the exterior of the building for cracks and damages. Conventional checking includes hiring a professional who is trained to inspect every inch of the exterior. This involves using a climbing harness to reach high points and roofs which are pretty risky. Also, it goes without saying that it can be expensive when done regularly.

Drones For Building Inspection

However it is not the same case with drones. With drones, the building can be inspected very closely without the danger of risking lives and money. Also, the inspection can be watched live or can be recorded for future use which is not the case with manual inspection.

“Since drones are very versatile, they can be used for inspecting machines, equipment, utility, wireline and so on. Hence, inspection has become one of the primary functions of drones that are equipped with high-resolution cameras.”

Things we should consider while buying an inspection Drone

Technically speaking, any drone equipped with a camera can be deployed for inspection of equipment and buildings provided the cameras in the drones are of good resolution. But there are a lot of other factors that influence the selection of drones for inspection.

  • Drone Height

To inspect a building, utility or large equipment, the drone being used must be able to rise up to a considerable height. If not inspection may not be complete.

  • Maneuverability of the drones.

Only if the drone can be controlled easily, it can be used to inspect every nook and corner of the building or equipment.

  • The ease of control

If a drone is hard to control, it may not be of much use except for the trained hands of experienced pilots.

  •  Precision GPS and image stability

Precision GPS and good image stability are also important factor for proper functioning of inspection Drone.

Because you are here, we assume that you will also be interested in knowing the best drones for inspection. Here are some drones that are suitable for being used as inspection drones.

Best Drones for inspection

In our deep research here we have found that DJI, YUNEEC & 3DR are the major drone inspection companies in todays time. Below we listed out our top-3 Best Drones, which are being used for inspection purposes widely all over the world.

#Best Drones for Inspection Buyers Rating Check Price
DJI INSPIRE V2.0 Check Price
DJI MATRICE 600 Check Price



DJI has carved out a plum spot for itself in the drone market with its high-quality drones and accessories. One such drone is the DJI Inspire V2.0 which is a professional drone that has all that is required to be the best drone for inspection. It can fly at a speed of 67mph for up to 27 minutes. It is battery redundant which makes it reliable. With the DJI Lightbridge technology, it can be controlled up to a distance of 7km. it has a vision sensing, 2-axis FPV camera with a sturdy design that can transmit video of 1080p/720p resolution. It uses dual frequency system to avoid interference and noise.


 DJI MATRICE 600 Drone for inspection

This is another product from DJI that has it all. It is a professional quality drone that can be called an Industrial Workhorse as it can do almost all professional jobs that can be expected out of a drone. It can carry up to 6kg of payload which means that it can carry heavy and high-quality professional cameras which can be used for inspection. It uses an A3 Flight Controller which works with the DJI Lightbridge technology to produce HD FPV of the drone through live streaming up to a radius of 5km. Also, it has 36 minutes of flight time and can be navigated precisely up to a centimeter.



The Yuneec Typhoon H is a hexcopter that is almost as good as the other drones for inspection. But this drone scores over the others in its price as it is relatively cheaper yet functional. The Yuneec Typhoon H is specially designed for aerial surveillance, photography and videography which make it a perfect choice for inspections. It is designed with a 3-axis gimbal that pans 360-degree which allows the camera to capture videos and images in all directions. It is very easy to fly as its flight control is stabilized with GPS. The most attractive feature is the camera which is ultra-stable as it is supported by the anti-vibration gimbal. The camera can take still pictures of 12MP resolution and videos of 1080p resolution. It also has several interesting features like Orbit me, Point of Interest, Journey Mode etc.


So there you have it – the list of best drones for inspection. Of course, the list is not exhaustive. There are other drones like DJI Phantom 4, Intel Asc tec Falcon 8, Lockheed Indago 2, DJI Mavic Pro, Aeryon Skyranger etc which are also suitable for inspection purpose. Further, the entire Matrice series of drones by DJI are good for inspection. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide the best inspection drone for you taking into account the expenditure of the drone.


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