In today’s changing world, things get better advanced with a change of time and so technology does. But, still, nature remains the same. Agriculture as known to others is an occupation that remains as backbone strength for the nation. It mainly accounts to the food availability for the people. But in recent days, agriculture lacks behind due to some factors like insufficient water supply, sand minerals, availability of rain, seasonal change and so on. Farmers adopt so many techniques in order to adopt the suitable changes to increase the yield of crops. In present, drones are designed especially for the agricultural purpose and hence it is now termed as agricultural drone technology.

Drones for agriculture use

Drone For Mapping Agriculture use
Drone For Agriculture use

Drones are used in various fields like research and analysis, safety and rescue, in defense. It is highly used in agriculture purpose for its surveillance process. These drones are manufactured by agriculture drone companies and the question can be how it is possible and the answer is agriculture crop surveillance. It helps in the increase of the yield in crop and in minimizing the time in fields for monitoring. The method called crop health imaging system is used in the drones that will monitor the health level of crops regularly and take video and pictures of the land during growth of plants. The images got from the drones can be used to find the unhealthy crops and the distressed plants.

What are the benefits of drone in agriculture

I have listed all the benefits that could be got from the drone in the field of agriculture

  • Increase yield in crops by limiting the time in monitoring them
  • Sometimes, if the farm area is long-the monitoring becomes complex and there drones help the farmers in saving time
  • It is so simple to use
  • GIS mapping technique is available to see the map view of field
  • It helps to find the damage in crops
Drone Applications in agriculture : GIS Mapping
Drone Applications in agriculture : GIS Mapping

In present, there are drones for farmers that are categorized under farming drones. The camera in drone can provide farmers with detailed view of crops that will give rise to a solution for the irrigation problems. It has the ability to reveal the pest effects, fungal infections that cannot be found with our naked eye. Drones have to survey the field every day, every week and every hour in order to observe the change caused in them. It will surely help in the better management of crops.

What features are available in drone that is used in agriculture

Automation helps in every day in every field and so does in agriculture. With the help of GPS-guided drones, we can observe the soil hydration and the environmental change. The images given by the infrared feature helps in taking a deep view on the crops. Drone technology in agriculture has been proved to be the most profitable industry with high output. They are highly useful in the planning and implementation process including the data gathering and the processing of those data. Most popularly used drones are ground-based drones. They are used for the entire crop-cycle.

crop scouting by drone
Damaged crop search via Drone

Soil and field analysis is the first step in the cycle and drones provide a 3-D map that will help in better analyzing of the sand and the minerals of sand.  Monitoring proves to be a greatest obstacle for the farmer and drones make it easy for farmers by monitoring them continuously with their camera features. Drones have now come with sensor effects that can sense the crop and provide sufficient information about the crop. The above cycle is fully completed by a single drone and it is the amazing thing. Another question may arise about how much do drones cost and the answer is as simple as the price is also less.

What is the assurance of health

Fungal and bacterial infections are more common in the crops and finding them is so difficult but drones make it easy for the farmers. Drone have a special function of using the visible light that helps in scanning the each and every plant. This information helps the farmer to track each and every change in the plant. Based on the changes, the farmer can take precautionary steps for improving the yield. This will help in overcoming the disease spread in crops thus increasing the nutrition content in crops.

A Real-time survey

AIRNOV Drone Farming Agriculture
AIRNOV Drone for Farming

There are many agriculture drone companies, who are providing their best commercial drone in the market. AIRINOV is the best drone for agriculture. It was designed in 2010 by specialists. This drone is equipped with multi-sensors and this survey was conducted in Korea. This drone has helped 300 farmers who had grounds of an altitude of 150 meters above the ground. It measured the nitrogen content and the fertilisation factors in the farm fields. The camera images gave maps that assisted them in real-time solutions would also suggest senseFLY type drones for the agricultural purpose.

So, what can happen in future

Agriculture is important to a country for its welfare and farmers work hard for its development. It is the time where technology helps the farmers and in future, UAV agriculture will surely prove the best in future with a change of time.




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