Drone vs Quadcopter: Are both the Same??

Drone Vs Quadcopter
Still confuse between A Drone and a Quadcopter?

You must have heard a lot about drones which are very awesome and breathtaking gizmos that are UAVs, or the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are changing the face of technology today. Although these both are used in air unmanned, but they still have a lot of differences from each other whether it is about their application or design.What are you thinking? Do you term Quadcopter as a drone? Are you working on making a Quadcopter and telling your friends and pals that it is a drone? Well, people, a Quadcopter is certainly not a Drone.

People use the terms Drone and Quadcopter interchangeably, but the two are very different terms in themselves. Are you confused as to how? No worries. We will help you.

Starting with the fact that what the features of the two machines are, then moving on to their differences, you will get to know everything. So what are you waiting for? Well, read on!

Fantabulous Drones

Flying Drone
Flying Drone

The drone is UAV and comprises of a wide array of flying objects in its radar. Since the term drone is a more general term, it is confused with Quadcopter quite often due to that. The major difference between a drone and a Quadcopter is that the former has an engine in it and that is why it can travel longer distances for longer durations of time. Since the drones have these engines, it is impossible for the Quads to beat their range of purpose and applications.

Structure-wise, the drones look like planes, but they are smaller in size than actual aircrafts. Their design may even be close to a helicopter, depends on the purpose and area of application.

Mind-blowing Quadcopters

Mind-blowing Quadcopters
Mind-blowing Quadcopters

The major difference between Quadcopters and drones is that the former uses 4 simple rotors (for example, BLDC – brushless dc motors) and 4 blades for balancing and lifting up vertically. If you want to differentiate between the two on the basis of control, Quads are remotely control using a transmitter with channels as per your requirement.

On the other hand, the drones are controlled by programmed computer system online as they are used for advanced applications such as military.

Another difference between these over-the-top flying machines is that a Quad has what is called a tail rotor which distinguishes it from the rest of the flying objects.

Not only are there Quadcopters like octocopters, hexacopters, tri copters etc.

Area of Uses: Drones Vs Quadcopter

drones are used for advanced and complex military applications such as surveillance, reconnaissance operations, intelligence missions and many more. Quads cannot be used for such extravagant operations, even if you do use it for such surveillance on a short range of area such as your college campus or something, you may not get the desired quality as you get on UAVs like drones.

The wide array of applications that drones have not only includes secret missions for the military but also aerial photography and movies and various recording purposes such as sports shooting. You can also use these drones for checking the weather forecast and also in natural calamities in hurricanes to know what is happening in such dangerous circumstances.

Even though, military does use quadcopters for some purposes, but the quality and standardized results that you get from drones, you cannot expect them from the Quads.

Quadcopters can be used for various other recreational purposes, just the restrictions and rules for these flying objects are different than the drones. You can fly Quads for fun and hobby flying!

“Even though with the above definitions may make it seem like that the bond between the two is unbreakable, but having known some of the major differences between the two, you will not confuse it in future. Just keep one thing in mind; drones have just a different area of application and on the other hand, the Quads that you use are just used for recreational purposes. Make sure you don’t break anybody’s privacy as that may land you into trouble”.

Happy flying!



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