Drones-one of the most wonderful inventions that the technology has given us. It helps in most of the fields that help in gathering economic growth and success. The drones have now come with advanced features that will give us a different experience. It gets updated with the day-today-technology. Drones that are similar to the quadcopter will possess some components or parts that can be explained in this section.

Basic Components of a drone or a quadcopter

Different Components of a Drone or quadcopter
Different Components of a Drone Ref: http://www.arcaerialimaging.com/uav-tutoring-service/

Usually, the drone consists of a standard propeller, pusher propeller, brushless motors, landing gear and GPS module. These terms might look complex and more technical and let me explain in simple in detail way.The above-mentioned parts are all essential for the proper functioning of drone.

The different parts help in smoothening the operation and working of a drone. These parts are easy to upgrade as well as easy to replace.

So here we will explain all the vital parts of a drone one by one.

Standard propeller

Propellor in a Drone - quadcopter
Propellor in a Drone

This propeller is present in front of the quadcopter. These propellers are made of plastic and if you need an expensive one, you can prefer the one made of carbon fibre. Innovations are now going on in finding more efficient props for future purpose. These props are more important and hence special inspection is required to know whether they are in good condition before operating it as a damaged prop can lead to failure.

Pusher props

Pusher props help in the back-and-front movement of the UAV and hence got its name as pusher props. It is similar to the standard props in terms of material and inspection is important before taking it for a flight and a spare can be kept along with you always.

Brushless motors

Brushless Motors
e.g. of TMotor UAV Brushless Motor MT2208 1100Kv

Motors play a vital role in the operation process as the speed and efficiency is calculated with the help of motor. The basic quality of a motor is that motors have to be flexible, reliable and ease of control.

Brushless motors are most popular in these days because of their easy mode of operation and one of the famous motors proved to be best come from the range called DJI which provides motors that run effectively. Choosing the drone with right motor is more important. Examine the motor daily and if you observe any unusual change in the operation of motor, then consider replacing them as it could arise as a serious issue in the operation.

Keep the motor free from dust and crack.

Landing gear

landing gear in drone and quadcopter
eg. Landing Gear Kit of DJI F450 F550 Multicopter

As we have landing gears in aircrafts, similarly we have landing gears in the drones that help in safe landing of the drone onto the ground. Most advanced drones have traceable gears for the landing purpose. Some of the popular landing gears are walkera and DJI.

If you experience any rough landing effects, you can then replace it as it can affect the camera and sensor of the drone.

If the landing gear gets infected, then the photo or video can get affected. So we can say Landing gear is one of the most important components for proper functioning of a drone or quadcopter.

Electronic speed controllers

Electronic Speed controller – Ref: Wickipedia.com

ESC (electronic speed controller) is more important in controlling the flying speed of the drone. It proves to be the essential component of a drone and it should have high power as well as frequency.

Sensor, transmitter and receiver

The above components are the usual parts that are available in a drone and the components include standard communication objects like transmitter, receiver, and battery for effective functioning, camera for capturing video and photos, antenna for transmitting the information. The sensor that is available is used in sensing the radio signals, GPS signals and help in gathering the information regarding location and other weather updates. Additional to it, a transmitter and receiver is present that has the ability to transfer and receive data thus helping in the communication purpose.

GPS module

F450 GPS Module
Example of a GPS Module: DJI F450 GPS Module

GPS is one of the powerful locating technologies in present and in drones they help in providing the details regarding the latitude and elation of the area that is to be photographed. It is more important for the navigation process and along with the FPV, we can use drones for a long distance. The flight controller is always available with the GPS module.


Battery is available in various versions with different features and they vary with their prices. But the important factors to be noted is that the battery should get overheat and the power limit should be maintained. Charging and discharging a battery is so important and keep an eye on the battery as damaged battery can damage the whole drone operating system. Battery monitor is available in the drone inbuilt which helps in the continuous monitoring of the battery and its operation.


Camera in Drone
DJI Phantom P3 with 2.7K HD Video Camera_

In order to take professional videos and photos, a good camera with exciting features is more important. The 3d effects add additional effects to video or photo that is captured.

Now, the most important component, we tell that drones are unmanned aircrafts and they are autopilots. The major component of this autopilot operation stands the flight controller that keeps the drone under control in other words-it is defined as the remote control that controls the full operation of the drone.The components of the drone are thus discussed and I hope it will be helpful in developing the drone with a greater operating facility.


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