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Pks is a drone enthusiast ever since its inception in the flying world. He has personally used many quadcopters for aerial photography as well as fun purpose. He shares his knowledge with his own experience in the different UAVs through his Blog.

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UDIWing- D/U29 Review : Budget Foldable Drone with Emergency Alarm Features!

UDI’WING-D / U29 Hands on review
UDI is known for their RC Toys, especially RC Quadcopter. UDI’Wing U-29 is another drone from the...

Soaring High with Drones in the Agro-based world

agro based drones
Drones are cool – every drone geek will raise hands first. What about people in other domains...

‘Safe2Ditch’ Software from NASA help the Damaged Drones to Land Safely!

safe2ditch technology
NASA is the coolest space agency in the world. NASA is out with some or the other...

Solar Powered Drones: Drones Joining the Solar revolution

Solar Powered drone
As the world endeavors to pursue its mission of “Go green, Go solar”, drones also have caught...

Fire-Fighting Drones: A Great Leap Towards the Future

Fire Fighting Drones
Fire-fighting drones? Okay – this is new & a marvellous idea indeed. Cool, right? Here we are...

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