Dreams are now becoming the reality! Yes, it is true! Amazon’s drones will get all your deliveries!

It feels like ages since Amazon.com has been talking about its aim and aspirations for using drones as their standard delivery mechanism for delivery of small packages to its cult of customers.

Amazon Drones for Delivery

Since Amazon Inc. has already announced that they are switching their mode of delivery to a rather bizarre one – believe it or not – by flying machines better known as ‘drones’! The virtual idea of deliveries receiving to you via air has become the spectacular reality now. It seems like Amazon has become quite close to bring out a revolution in the world.

The first customer was really excited about receiving his first delivery via drones. The British man ordered Amazon Fire TV streaming device and a bag of popcorns and the Amazon drone delivered the 4.7 pound package to a two-story farmhouse after flying over the English countryside in as soon as 13 quick minutes!

Amazon released a video that had shown the drone being launched from a track which was basically a platform on which curious employees watched the marvel taking off! The drone also had a landing pad on the customer’s lawn.

This astonishingly amazing drone delivery mechanism adopted by the Amazon is marking the beginning of their target goal of delivery in less than 30 minutes. This was finally possible after three years of ordeals and regulatory hurdles.

Amazon Prime Air Drones

This delivery means that a ground-breaking change is soon going to come in the world. Our neighbourhoods are soon going to be crowded with swarm of Amazon drones. Till now, only two customers have been a part of this “beta-test” Prime Air service.

The chief executive of Amazon and the owner of The Washington Post, Jeffrey P. Bezos posted a tweet stating:

First-ever #AmazonPrimeAir customer delivery is in the books. 13 min—click to delivery. Check out the video: https://t.co/Xl8HiQMA1Spic.twitter.com/5HGsmHvPlE

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) December 14, 2016

Drone delivery has been a goal of Amazon since a very long time. This has been a part of its transportation and logistics network. After the first test flight of these mind-boggling Amazon delivery drones, the company is not gonna stop any further. The global giant is going to expand its reach by adding grounds to 5 square mile area in the rural parts of England. Aerial delivering systems such as drones are having a marvellous capability of opening up for shipping options.

Flying drones for amazon

Do you even believe this? Well, if you don’t, you gotta believe it. Drones are opening up new dimensions to shopping after great tussles with the federal regulations.

It had been quite a herculean task in the past to launch the drone tests in various states due to the current FAA norms which restrict the air-traffic in the U.S. and the mobility of drones.

Amazon has been stating for a while now that it plans to use these stupendous drones for delivering small packages which are no more than 5 pounds. The catch here is that over 86% of the total majority of the packages that are delivered by Amazon on the daily basis fall into this category.

This brilliant creation by the e-commerce giant is what makes the company – wait for it – ‘Class Apart’!

The company also has plans on having Uber-like network of drivers which will be known as Amazon Flex which will have a lease of dozens of cargo planes which will transport Amazon products from one office to another.



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