Going by the book, drones are termed as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). You must be a great drone enthusiast and must be eager to know what features these fantabulous UAVs can provide! If you are new to the RC world, then, welcome to the Gala of fantabulous wonders in the field of aerodynamics! These amazing RC drones will blow your minds away!

Remote control drones have become the hottest topic in the UAV trends. The popularity of these RC drones has reached cloud 9 due to their affordability and easiness in use.

Now, since you are a big drone geek, the next question coming to your mind must be that

What should you be looking for in a drone before buying it?

Well, we have got all the basic features that you will need to skim through so that you have the best of experiences that a drone can provide!

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There are basically 6 main specifications of fabulous drone wonders that you need to keep in mind before you buy one. What are you waiting for? All set? On your marks, get set, Scroll over!

Flight Time

Flight time is as simple as it sounds. It is the estimated time that your drone can remain elevated in air without having to change batteries or charging the existing batteries. . The longer is your flight time; the cooler is your RC drone. Got it? Good.

Now, you must be thinking that the wisest as well as easiest option is to buy a drone with the longest flight time. Is it what you are thinking? Well, this might not be a very good idea as it may result in you paying an exorbitantly high amount of price.

So, what does the flight time depend on. The first factor is the battery capacity. You can choose your drone with a nice battery capacity measured in mAh. Well, there is another thing that you might want to consider. The battery in your drone must be removable. You can then take spare batteries on your flying field and thus extend your time of fun by replacing batteries whenever required.

Last but not the least, you must know that if you want to avail the add-on features such as camera, GPS etc, then, you must know that these consume a lot of power. Thus, you should choose your drone considering all the above factors.


Are you ready for some fun? Well, here you are. You must be a great fan of speed. Well, this speed is all about how much your drone can fly miles per hour. Easy peasy, right?

Well, now some serious talk. What all can influence the speed of your drone? Your drone must be as light-weight as it possibly can be. Nowadays, the drones are made up of light-weight polycarbonate or carbon fiber that gives it vigor. Watch out for drones with such materials used in it. The weight is added by the battery, camera etc.

If you want to increase the speed of your drone, there are methods available such as increasing thrust of the drone which is done by change of propellers.

Each propeller provides a certain thrust to your drone and thus a particular speed. Also, speed depends on the structural model of your drone, how cool is that?


Range….Confused, are you? Need not be. Drones are all about exploring the horizons of the sky, the reach of which is limitless. The Drone range of the RC drones means till how far can you fly your drone without ceasing the contact of the controller (measured in feet).

Camera on-board

Do you like drone photography? Drone aerial photography is, wait for it, on! Have you seen some cool shots taken by drones and always wanted to take one yourself? Well, these cameras does all that amazing stuff for you. Drones may have cameras on-board, if not, they do have a mount to attach the camera (for instance, the GoPro cameras). This is really incredible for concert and carnival photography.

Even though these cameras are small in size, these have a astoundingly amazing degree of complexity and expertise. You should watch out for drones having stupendous camera and video resolution.

Also, drone cameras can provide full 360 degrees rotation and thus provide you with an awful lot of boundless view of the world below it.

Drone cameras also have 3-axis gimbal and camera system which can be easily removed from the RC drone if you want to make some upgrades into it in future.

Many models have various camera systems such as Zenmuse X3, Zenmuse X5, Zenmuse X5R and the list does not end. Woah, you seem impressed, right? Well, there is more!

Some drones have – believe it or not – two cameras incorporated into its system. One is underneath the drone, the usual 360 degrees rotation camera and the other on the front of the drone that is used for bizarre First-Person-View (FPV) opportunities!

The camera quality and resolution is also dependent upon the image processing system embedded inside the drone. Latest image processing systems like CineCore 2.0 have the capability of capturing videos at a whopping bit rate of 4.2 Gbps. Pretty cool, huh?

All in all, drone cameras have become a game-changer for aerial photographers all round the globe and thus you should choose the best when you are buying a drone for yourself.

Type of Controller

Now, controllers… seems really over-the-top right? But, wait, it is actually cool. These can be in the form of hardware controller or even in the form of RC app. Both of the options are fun overloaded, but you can use any which you find comfortable to use. There are a lot of controllers available in the market which comes with these drones. The Flight controllers have a transmitter which connects with the drone with the help of a receiver placed inside the drone. The transmitter has a certain range of operation defined in the drone kit. The more the range of your drone, the cooler it is to fly!

Return to Home!

Well! What if your drone gets lost and out of reach? Well, drones are intelligent flying machines. They have an astonishingly amazing feature known as ‘Return to Home’ by which they can come back to you by using the feature of GPS. It is one of the paramount features of RC drones that come in handy often when considering the safety of your drones. Some of the drones having this fabulous feature are UDI 818A, 3DR SOLO, CHEERSON CX-20 etc.

Drones are changing the face of technology and are really fun to fly! Are they not? Are you a drone geek? Well, now all your doubts must have been cleared. So are you ready for some drone action?


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